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Iseehear Inc. is a privately held technology innovation company developing Internet software.

Iseehear was founded in 2000 with the vision of developing web-based applications designed for the consumer market allowing the consumer to manage multiple aspects of their life in a centralized platform. Iseehear focused on the life sciences industry in 2002, building upon the technology it had developed for the previous application. The shift in focus was based on a strategy to target a specific niche with specific needs, in which two Iseehear associates already had a thorough understanding, with a future goal of expanding into larger niche and non-niche markets using the same core technology.

The initial impetus for developing Iseehear´s science applications stemmed from the need of one of Iseehear´s associates to manage the scientific process in a more practical and efficient manner in order to increase productivity. Based on these requirements, Iseehear embarked on a business case investigation of the biomedical and life science sector. This investigation validated that there is a definite need and a significant market for robust, dependable applications that would address all of the identified issues.

Iseehear´s applications and services are designed to significantly reduce the inefficiencies that currently exist in the biomedical laboratory, but the benefits of Iseehear´s innovations will reach far beyond improving the scientific process.

*Note*: Iseehear´s technologies and processes are not just limited to the biomedical and life sciences sector. Iseehear´s applications extend to any business sector that requires the creating, capturing, manipulation, sharing and integration of data.

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